Dialogic aspects of film and Ukrainian literature in 20-30-ies of XX century

Lidia Ivanivna Kavun


Interartistic dialogue "film - fiction" was quite lively in the Ukrainian cultural space of 20-30-ies. The goal of this studio is to learn intermedial dialogue of "film - Fiction", which is a complex and multifaceted problem, and covers genres and styles in literature and film, "feedback loop" of specific movie language and others.

The object of attention in our studio is the dialogue of literature and cinema, the art, which is based on the word and art and the art which is based on image, movement, sound. At first glance, these two art forms (and, particularly, literature and silent films) are completely different since they exist independently, outside of one another. However, in the 20 years of the last century, the world was excited about the film. Then nascent prose genres such as film short story ("Mammoth tusks" "Provocateur" G. Shkurupii) film tale ("Arsenal", "Earth", "Schors" Dovzhenko) film novel ("The Adventures of Mc Leiston, Harry and Rupert other "M. Johansen," Master of the ship " Yanovsky) and others.

The use of cinematic techniques in literature is adjusted by social factor: the direct writers in the process of film production (director, editorial work, and scripting study film theory, etc.). Artists creatively master image-specific laws of cinema, introducing verbal creativity in artistic techniques of nonverbal texts. Thus, in their prose, the focus is now directed to the transmission flow of impressions, experiences, imagination games, to play in the world in his movement and dynamism. Since that time the movie was "numb" is characterized primarily expressive and intense action. Verbal cinematographic work borrows features such as action, dynamism, mounting track. Mounting arrangement works, relief images, music phrases, concise sentences are part of the poetics of the work of many writers.

The scientific problem posed in the title studio is relevant and promising and requires deeper study, and then - to attract new scientific forces.


film; prose; film novel; film short story; film tale; screenplay; dialogue; photo; symbol; metaphor; mounting frame


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