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Introduction. The article deals with the information conveying in the process of translation. The author gives account of various techniques and means of communicating denotative information.

Purpose. The author also analyzes different types of denotative information and methods of its conveying by an example of Ukrainian translations of original English and Russian literary texts.

Results. Denotative (logical, conceptual, semantic) information includes propositional content, which is characterized by verity and is expressed through words in their direct meanings, and associative-metaphorical content, which is generated through mapping across conceptual domains based on analogy, synaesthesia, figurative perception of an object. The use of full equivalents for conveying propositional information is preferable, but not always possible in translation, thus various transformations are often applied. Those include synonymic, coreferential hyper-hyponymic, hypo-hyperonymic, equonymic, partonymic, holonymic and metonymic transformations etc.

Translators use the techniques of re-metaphorization, de-metaphorization and trans-metaphorization to convey associative-metaphorical information into another language.

Conclusion. The analysis of key features and methods of conveying of different types of information from the original text into its translation is considered significant for conducting the follow-up research.

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