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Liudmyla Viktorivna SKORYNA


The article focuses attention on the peculiarities of interpretation of Taras Shevchenko works done by Les Kurbas. It is well known that the literary heritage of Kobzar accompanied the artist throughout his creative development, and it was reflected in his quest for a new theatrical form by interesting findings. The first references of having interest in the literary heritage of Shevchenko dates back to the period of time when L. Kurbas was studying in the gymnasium (1904 and 1906) - then the future artist performed at Shevchenko's memory evenings reading "The Testament." In "Ternopil Theater Evenings" L. Kurbas worked on "Nazar Stodolia". However, the most interesting for theater and literary critics are such innovative staging of Kobzar's works as "Shevchenko's play" (staged "The Great Cellar", "Heretic", "And the Sky unwashed ...", "On Easter, on Straw ...", "Couldn't sleep and the night like the sea ... ","In Sunday early morning ... ") and" Haidamaky ". Interpretations of Shevchenko's works, suggested by Kurbas, played a prominent role in the history of Ukrainian theatrical art, establishing national traditions at the level of the world theater

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