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Oksana Volodymyrivna VERTYPOROKH


Introduction. The name of Vasyl` Slapchuk as the poet, prose writer, winner of Shevchenko premium is well-known in the modern literary process. His literary works are filled with philosophical reflections on the essence of our lives, the bitter experience of the war, the psychological entourage. The prose of the writer (“Blind Rain”, 2003; “Wild Flowers”, 2004; “Autumn behind the cheek”, 2005; “Woman from the Snow”, 2008; “About War without War”, 2013; "Between the Worlds and the Shining of the Lights", 2016) is a result of the reflexive literary thinking when the inner being of characters is perceived through accentuated in the novels authorial subjectivity, in-depth psychology, means of direct and indirect penetration into the inner world of characters that directly influence on the content, composition, plot, linguistic form of texts. Critics defines the writer's texts as novels-autocommentaries that to some degree appeals to an artistic guideline such as to cognize the individual existence of person through the deep reflection, her own memories, traumatic experience. Purpose is to research features of the reflexive literary thinking in the novel “Blind Rain” by Vasyl` Slapchuk. Methods : hermeneutic, psychoanalytic, structural-semantic. Results: specifics of the reflection as a way of artistic comprehending by Vasyl` Slapchuk the inner being of characters is determined and revealed through accentuated authorial subjectivity, in-depth psychology, the means of direct and indirect penetration into the inner world of characters, compositional, storyline, linguistic structures of texts. Specific features of the individual style of the writer, autoreflexive matrix of the text are defined through the image analysis. It is proved that the psycho-semantics of the novel characters is reflected both through individually-unique tendencies and through the universal ones. The psychology of the novel is quite tangible and marked through the internal experience of heroes’ feelings of their complexes, desires, self-realization in society. Originality. The research attempt of the complex study of the psycho-semantic features of the novel “Blind Rain” by Vasyl` Slapchuk is realized. Conclusion. The novel has such dominant features as metaphoric, parody, versatility of the plot, inserted episodes, auto-dialogues, vivid imagery, the using of dreams and daydreams as an admission of auto-reflexive artistic thinking. The novel “Blind Rain” by Vasyl` Slapchuk is basically auto-thematical, implicitly appealing to the author's self-reflection, thus presenting the features of his individual imagination and memory.

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