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Volodymyr Trokhymovych POLISHCHUK
Petro Petrovych LASTIVKA


The article focuses on the analysis of theatre studies of Pavlo Fylypovych (1891-1937). It is noted that a lot of research materials have been written about this artist and scientist as a poet, translator and literary critic, however, researchers have not paid attention to the part of his creative work concerning him as a theatrologist. Meanwhile, in the first part of 1920s, P.Fylypovych presented his theatrical reviews and theatrological articles. The object of the analysis is the following findings of P. Fylypovych: “M. Zankovetska”, “On the way to a new theatre”, “The production of “Gas” and “Ukrainian theatre”, and a few study articles of drama works (by I. Kotliarevsky and Lesia Ukrainka). On the basis of a number of P. Fylypovych’s works and memories about him, it is noted that this researcher had universal philological (Literature studies) training, particularly, in the scope of Ukrainian, West European and classical Russian literature and drama showeding his interest to the organization of the theatre affair. As a professional literary critic, focused on the best examples of world drama, P. Fylypovych met the “European standards” in the characteristics of history and the conteporary state of Ukrainian theatre. It is stressed that this scientist objectively evaluated the merits and values of the classical Ukrainian theater, pointed out the preservation of its best research, and, at the same time, focused on the necessity of renovation of theatrical life in the analyzed articles. It is pointed out that he put Les Kurbas’s staging in “Young Theatre” and “Berezil” as a landmark of modernization of the Ukrainian theatre.

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