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Yurij Victorovych KOLISNYK


Abstract. Introduction. Symon Petlyura’s literary-critical inheritance has not been completely discovered yet, but problems of his speeches remains actual up to now. Articles of Ukrainian publicist, military leader, and statesman S. Petlyura releal his views on Ukrainian nation development. Scientific analysis contributes to solving the problem – building of the comparative publicism general theory as a factor of formation public consciousness. Purpose. Purpose of the article lies in complex studying of Symon Petlyura’s literary-critical inheritance, namely publications connected with the works by T. Shevchenko and in determining the impact of S. Petlyura’s literary researches on fomation national distinctive character of the Ukrainian people. Results. 1) We have thoroughly analyzed Symon Petlyura’s literary-critical inheritance in the context of T. Shevchenko’s works. 2) We made a comparative analysis of Symon Petlyura’s works and other writers. Originality. We have completely revealed Symon Petlyura’s activity concerning his views on Shevchenko’s works. Conclusion. Thoroughly analyzing Symon Petlyura’s literary-critical works, we admit multifacedness of the author’s creative interests. He writes on historical and philosophical, social and economic, lereary and artistic themes. The wideness of interests seems to be rather strange in the aspect of specialization. However, taking into account a small quantity of Ukrainian authors at the beginning of the XXth century and only the first steps of the Ukrainian journalism, S. Petlyura’s role as a multi-sided personality turns to be quite reasonable. Besides, one can be impressed by his good proficiency of the problems he has written, namely the phenomenon of national and patriotic works by Taras Shevchenko. He appleals to bring up the new generation on such examples.

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