Ganna Ivanivna MARTYNOVA


Introduction. The article deals with significant issues of modern dialects theory, those of the detailed description of various parts of speech, both of the central grammatical structure of the dialect speaking and its periphery, as well as of perfecting the recent methodology for analyzing the dialect data, found in speech samples.

Purpose. The actual purpose is to represent the adverbs for manner of action from the dialect texts of the Mid Upper Dnieper patois, to analyze semantic and syntactic groups and subgroups, to signify the variability of the adverbial lexical units and the peculiarities of their functioning in various formal syntactic positions and in various zones of the patois under investigation.

Results. The article regards the adverbs for manner of action of various semantic and syntactic groups (the manner of revealing the action, and those of contrastive feat simile semantics), being found in the dialect texts within Mid Upper Dnieper patois. Amidst nominative adverbs belonging to the intermediate class are the two above mentioned divisions, the former being signified within each of the semantic groups. Textual representation accounts for quite a scarce number of the adverbs for manner of action compared to the circumstantial and defining, whereas those of contrastive feat simile semantics are numbered in the least, and their specified groups are rarely to be found in both literary and speech usage. Variations in the adverbs for manner of action are mostly due to phonetic and morphological features of the patois and account for the quite long period of their formation.

Originality. The article profoundly promotes the methodology, new to modern dialect theory, that of investigating morphological units in the natural dialect speech, the original repertory of adverbs for manner of action being presented, as well as their structure and semantics and also their functioning in the Mid Upper Dnieper dialects.

Conclusion. Most dialectal adverbial units have become literary normal, which proves the Mid Upper Dnieper patois to be the basis for the literary Ukrainian language, though some part of the adverbs account for the originality of the dialect under investigation. The paper appears to versify a quite extended usage of regional dialect lexical units, word building and phonetic lexeme variants: being typical for various Mid Upper Dnieper dialects, they are significant for the patois under consideration and reflect their own historic features.


dialect; adverbial units; defining pronouns; dialect text; Mid Upper Dnieper patois; adverbial unit; pronoun and nominative adverbs; adverbs for manner of action; contrastive feat simile adverbs


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