Author’s autoreflexion of the female existence in Galyna Tarasiuk’s novel “Sister of my solitude”

Oksana Volodymyrivna, VERTYPOROKH


Introduction.Galyna Tarasiuk as a member of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine, National Journalists’ Union of Ukraine and Association of the Ukrainian writers, a winner of many prestigious international awards is one of the brightest modern writers of Ukraine. She is the author of the prosaic books “Lady of the last knight”, “Between hell and paradise”, “Feminine novels”, “Angel from Ukraine”, “The temple in the swamp”, “Short dance at Viennese ball”, “Ark for butterflies”, “Chin Chuan Gong”, “Gasped and Margarita” etc. Galyna Tarasiuk’s novel “Sister of my solitude” (1992nd) the third edition of which published and overcome “Book of the Year – 2009” and award named after Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky presents artist’s problem in the original aspect. The writer reflects on careerist woman type which wished to receive all human goods first glory from life. Then presented in the novel heroine’s frank confession proves the total author’s reflection on problems of the female existence.

Purpose is studying of the author’s reflexion specificity in Galyna Tarasiuk’s novel “Sister of my solitude”.

Methods: psychoanalytical (for studying psychosemantics of the novel images to reveal author’s reflexion specificity) and hermeneutic (for analysis of the semantic levels of the literary work).

Results: First, Galyna Tarasiuk’s novel represents female existence through the author’s reflexion. Constructed as main character’s monologue-confession it’s proposed in two parts. The first as history of sin and the second as history of penance are acts of the main character’s self-reflection. The second part is marked by the powerful Christian religious discourse revealed itself through the number of straight attributive and non-attributive citations and sentences, as author’s position-order of total self-awareness.

Second, in the analyzed autoreflexive novel female is object and at the same time subject demonstrating conception of the autoreflexive postmodern literary work. It’s significant that reflecting on heroine’s fate author of the proposed text is essentially the character of the other, larger Text. Accordingly non-linear multidimensional literary work as hypertext appears. Its canvas is full of different textual elements, psychoanalytical retreats, comments and acts of profound self-reflection.

Third, the novel evokes interest by centralism of the novelistic construction, form of heroine’s stream of consciousness and dairy form being conscious personality’s “return” into own psyche. Impressionistic portraying, cultural associative characters’ parallels, nervous-laconic style, author’s aphorisms as aspects of author’s reflexion by heroine’s mouth deepen novelistic subject.

It follows that novel “Sister of my solitude” can be regarded as unfolding of different problems such as artist’s, love, friendship, being, true values, existential motifs, female being, society at the time of system break problems.

Originality of the research deals with the first complex studying of the features of author’s reflexion on the female existence in the novel “Sister of my solitude” written by Galyna Tarasiuk as the modern Ukrainian writer.


Conclusion. The research allows to state the Ukrainian literature on the example of Galyna Tarasiuk’s prose reveals spiritual and esthetic female being in modern literary works and represents psychologisation of the modern literary process. The study certifies possibility and prospect of studying of postmodern autoreflexive text variations to different conceptions of author’s self. 


autoreflection; self-awareness; personal life; neurotic fear; confession; confession; monologue; psychological portretuvannya; stream of consciousness.


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