Humorous and satirical poetry literary group "Bu-Ba-Bu" in postmodern discourse

Oksana Oleksandrivna Garachkovska


The article deals with the problem of humorous and satirical poetry by Ukrainian literary group "Bu-Ba-Bu." The author highlights the history of popular literary group, reveals common tendencies in the creative activity of  each of its three representatives, who tried to oppose their own poetic world to socialist realist canons, throwing down communist leaders and canonized cultural symbols of totalitarianism from «earthly thrones and pedestals». The article states that the aim of humorous and satirical creative activity of "bubabuists" was the aspiration for deflating the primitive image of lyrical hero – the ideolohema of Soviet era, for making a man of the end of the 20-th century realize his own finality, narrowness of well-known, settled and so rotten to the core world. These poets were also striving for breaking the circle of totalitarian world out look and space, for breaking through to inner freedom of a contemporary personality. The author of the article also analyzes the manifesto of this literary (poetic) group, which became known due to Yu. Andrukhovich in 1990 – "Apologetics of blazneady" with the subtitle "Twelve theses to  us ourselves". In this Manifesto twelve characteristic features of "Bu-Ba-Bu`s" literary style were outlined.

Notwithstanding common tendencies in "bubabuists" creative activity, there exist individual parameters of poetic style of each of three representatives of popular literary group. The accent is also placed (made) on characteristics of genre typology of verse satire and humour of Yu. Andrukhovich  V. Neborak and O. Irvanets: "carnival verses" verses-imitations, parody verses, travesty verses, burlesque poetry, mystifications and more.

Poetical activity of "Bu-Ba-Bu" group is a peculiar phenomenon in the Ukrainian literature of the last quarter of the 20-th century. The majority of literary critics and researches attribute "Bu-Ba-Bu" either to neoavant-garde, or to post-modernism (N. Bilotserkivets, T. Gundorova, O. Gutsulyak, O. Malenko, L. Taran, etc.).

Conclusions sum up main results of scientific investigation. The author of the article stresses, that the creative activity of the literary group "Bu-Ba-Bu" possesses such features as carnivalization of reality, critics of clichés of social realism and folk motifs baroque discourse, enriched with neoavant-garde epatage methods; grotesque elements of eclecticism, author's self-reflection, multiplicity of aesthetic experience of different cultures; "Ironic linguistic behavior" in poetic creativity up till the destruction of poetic form, parodying and obvious stylization and reminiscence of artistic techniques and more.


"Bubabuists" with their humorous and satirical poetry sought to make the language of Ukrainian literature more democratic to expand the thematic diversify and figurative and stylistic palette, facilitating the changes of the image of Ukrainian writer.


satire; humour; sarcasm; literary group post-modernism; anti-totalitarian direction


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