Art differentiation of Ukrainian ethnopsychological types in A. Dimarov’s novels «And people will», «Pain and anger»

Maryna Viktorivna KORETSKA


Introduction. In the early 60s.of the XX century existential worldview paradigm A.Dimarov’s acted as an "existential methodology" knowledge tragic pages of Ukrainian history, existence and expression is natural "Ukrainian" man of her desire for freedom, enthusiasm for life, finding ways of self in terms of offensive "civilization" with its rationalism, effusiveness

Purpose. The aim of our study provides intelligence ideological and aesthetic discourse of the A. Dimarov’s prose of the 60s. − 70s of the XX century, including the novels "Аnd people will", "Pain and anger" as landmark works in the self-reflection of the artist.

Results. The author appeals to the Ukrainian existential "I-speech" hero of the novel, where structural and conceptual element acts is "folk word" from his discourse "knowledge", "law". It was found that folk language Ukrainian village, its ritual archetypal foundation audits real living space novels, breaking it into three mini-stories (Ukrainian peasant / deterministic, materialized world (the first mini-story), peasant Ukrainian / Soviet authorities (second mini-story), Ukrainian peasant / Fascism (third mini-story)). Consistent its placement as an indicator of the deterioration of the people, deformation ethnopsychological its spiritual heritage. The sign shows the potential of their mythological basis - the myth of the three rivers of living: "at the first crossing repulse hand," "the second - left foot", "the third crossing - remove the head." The conflict between the opposition forces in three mini-plots through open confrontation between the villages / hamlets, according Associates / Apostate − spiritual and moral integrated peasant / farmer affected negative social experiences. Volume spiritual conflict parties confirmed national archetypes "Heart", "Earth", "Work" et al., which is a positive sense through processing cultural and historical experience with each subsequent step undergoes damage.

Originality. The study is an attempt to prose Anatolia Dimarova characteristics in terms of ethno-psychological discourse. As a result of the use of structural and semiotic method found mythological structure fiction, archetypal heroes. The study opens up additional opportunities for expanding outlines artist artistic thinking and deepening literary-historical and theoretical comprehension of the genesis of the literary process 60s. - 70s.of the  XX century.

Conclusion. A. Dimarov’s novels "And people will", "Pain and anger" demonstrated vitalistic national-spiritual creativity of the artist. "Epic prophecy" prose of writer is a process of awareness and the desire to preserve the "self" Ukrainian society, its primary "healthy" archetypes that, through its instinctive natural feeling of living can overcome brought in cultural-historical time tragically dramatic mode of existence, the newly formed "distress archetypes" which have become "scars" on the "body" of the nation.



A. Dimarov’s novels "And people will"; "Pain and anger"; existential Ukrainian man; folk language; archaic type of plot; the opposition Companion / Apostate; archetypes "Heart"; "Earth"; "Work"; negative experience people


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