The problems of early stories and short novels by Semen Sklyarenko (1920s – 1940s)

Viktoria Anatolievna SHPORT


Introduction concers analysis of early short stories and novels written by Semen Sklyarenko. 

The article attempts to systematize the factual material about the Semen Sklyarenko’s work  and isolate and analyze short fiction of the writer and to find out problems of early stories and short novels.

The problem setting truly deserves attention, as Semen Sklyarenko’s prose was not depicted in literature thoroughly. His works were analyzed in the articles by Z. Golubeva, P.Morhayenko,

V. Chumak and others.

But the interest to S.Sklyarenko’s personality, his greatest success inevitably creates a desire to know all aspects of his creative expression of individuality.

Semen Sklyarenko appealed to various prose genres, he is the author of famous novels "The road to Kyiv", "The Carpathians", "Svyatoslav", "Volodymyr", a writer has published hundreds of essays, the best ones composed  his book "Three of the republic", "Vodnyky-Udarnyky", he is  the author of the play "When The Apples Smell" and others. However, novels revealed the artistic talent of writer. From the very beginning S.Sklyarenko used the attitude to his work as the means of active intervention into the event. Topics were prompted by reality: establishment of a new life, family conflicts, classes’ struggle in the countryside, civil war, revolution. Therefore, it should be emphasized that these events have caused problems in the early works of  S. Sklyarenko.

It’s important to highlight, that the early works of S. Sklyarenko are interesting by the fact that they have not detected a noticeable interest in the writer's past, but they are the first historical sketches. In general, the concept of a unified style was not produced; the range of his search was quite broad and colorful. But in all his works S.Sklyarenko sought to show the heroic beginning, emphasize emotional richness of his characters – people who know how to love their land, people with high ideals and the love of life. So, his best works are relevant today, as ones of cognitive and aesthetic value. S. Sklyarenko succeeded to show the true sides of the human existence, to create individualized living characters.

Purpose is to analyse  stories and tales written by S. Sklyarenko in the 20-30-s and their problems. 

Methods. Analytical method; the basic principles of analysis and synthesis were applied. Historical and cultural method; Semen Sklyarenko's phenomenon as a historical novelist is considered in historical and cultural background.

Results of the study are in the systematization of factual material about the work of Semen Sklyarenko, analysis of the writer's short fiction.

Originality. This article attempts an integrated approach to creative understanding of history in Semen Sklyarenko's prose. Its practical value is not only in the exploration of new literary themes, that greatly enriches our understanding of the history, life and traditions of the Ukrainian people, but in a new interpretation of the best works of prose by Semen Sklyarenko.

Conclusions. The works of Sklyarenko are relevant today, because they have cognitive and aesthetic value. Semen Sklyarenko  showed the true shades of human existence, and created individualized living characters.


creative career; story; short stories; issues; analysis; literary criticism; historical sketches


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