«Hustyna»: an attempt of the comprehensive analysis

Alla Mykolayivna KALYNCHUK


«Hustyna» was written by Shevchenko approximately at the end of June - December of the1847th year in Orsk fortress. This masterpiece was published at the first time in the magazine «Narodnoe chteniye» (1859. № 3. P. 156-158). The issue of the literary work is destiny of lovers in the era of the Cossacks: heroism and self-sacrifice of Cossack and misery of his beloved. The main plot conflict is moral and ethical: Cossack leaves his bride for the fulfillment of patriotic duty. The article deals with the main sources of poetry such as historical songs and ballads of Cossack’s farewell and his death in battle; genre, theme, plot, specialty of the composition are defined. In conclusions the stress is put not only on the usage of various motifs of Ukrainian folk songs and thoughts, but it’s accented that Shevchenko has offered absolutely original version of the heroic epic.


genre definitions, poetical lyric-epic narrative poem, epical ballad type, duma, theme and motifs of the litecomposition; style of the historical songs; non-duma verse; folk-song poem; narrator; ornamental duma vocabulary; three aspects def


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