The verb aspect under the influence of factors on different levels

M. I. Kalko


The article represents a variant of the dynamic model for the grammatical category of verb aspect that considers the influencing factors on different levels and in the first place regards their regular influence on the aspectual peculiarities of the inner lexical context, on the one hand, seen as polysemic heterogeneity of the verb’s lexical meaning in accordance with its involvement into various aspectual relevant classes, and, on the other, of the external lexical context which is aspect-viewed and semantically significant heterogeneity of the framed textual environment, regarded both pragmatically and syntagmatically. The problem of creating such a model has been widely admitted. The adequate description of the verbal aspect category being completely missing, the researchers being constantly lacking the one, the reason for that is viewed by the author in the subjectively permanent imposing of rigid and sterile morphological limits for such a category which actually is far more varied on numerous levels.Complex research of aspectual semantics categories regarded in the functional grammar context, considered as well to be influencing the category of aspect, representing the grammar level of aspectuality, together with various factors: extralingual, ontological, grammatical unrevealed, paradigmatic, syntagmatic, epydigmatic, pragmatic, is giving way to multi-facet aspectual research enabling the broad perspective of aspectual characteristics in the verbal lexeme and its peculiar aspectual features.


aspect; aspectuality; perfective; imperfective; aspectual class; aspectual perspective; inner lexical context; multiple category formation; terminative; activitive; stative; eventive; relative


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