The article is devoted to the analysis of anti-imperial (anti-Russian, anti-Moscow) discourse in culturological treatises and letters by I. Nechui-Levytsky. It’s noted that since the publication of previously prohibited and suppressed treatises by the classic of the Ukrainian literature in the 1990s (in particular “The Unnecessity of Great Russian Literature for Ukraine and the Slavonic Region”, "Ukrainianity in literary litigation with Muscovy”) wider opportunities opened up for revelation of I. Nechui-Levytsky’s philosophical and ideological and aesthetic positions, affirmation of his life and literary Ukrainocentrism. Retrospective comprehension of the writer’s treatises is observed (works of Ivan Franko, Sergiy Yefremov, contemporary researchers). A notable encyclopedism of Nechui first of all in the humanitarian sphere is determined. Attention is focused on classic’s certain subjectivism in construction of cultural strategies, on the obvious relevance of a number of his historiosophical visions primarily in the domain of Ukrainian-Russian relations, on the European humanitarian positions. In the analyzed treatises of the classic writer his anti-colonial position realized more or less in a number of his literary works and letters is obviously revealed. It is pointed out that the main purpose of author’s critical judgments was the Russified political tendency of Ukrainian Russia generated the apparent failure and erosion of the Ukrainian culture, in particular literature. A clearer outline of the ideological and literary positions of I. Nechui-Levytsky as anti-colonial, anti-imperial ones reveals in the analysis of nowadays understanding of Slavophilism ideas (treatise “Organs of the Russian parties” etc.) frequently revealing in his visions as Pharisaism because they covered the imperial, aggressive policies of the Russian Empire. Nechui is conscious of the historical mission of Ukrainians, defends the national idea as the realization of the legitimate right of Ukrainians to express themselves and assert themselves through culture and writing. In the article it’s accented that in the letters by I. Nechui-Levytsky being to a large extent also an expression of his outlook and creative spirit anti-imperial discourse is not so clearly defined as in the treatises but in the fundamental questions such as the typology of Ukrainian-Russian relations, the position of the Ukrainian language, censorship, etc. the “epistolary” thinks of the classic are quite similar to ones in the treatises.


Ivan Nechui-Levytsky, culturological treatises, epistolary, anti-imperial pathos, literature, outlook, ideological and aesthetic positions, addressor, sender


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