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Introduction. The figure of Nyla Zborowska is the very interesting phenomenon in our literature and literary criticism. Nyla Zborowska’s literary works and studies propose synthesis of uniting the nation ideas, intuitive comprehension and analytical studying of the Ukrainian people’s code and enable determining the direction of the humanities in Ukraine including interaction of psychoanalytic theory and literature. The need for psychological and metaphysical cleansing of the nation, finding of development of Ukrainian statehood ways became the basis of her research and literary activities. Interpretation of psychoanalytic doctrine as the model of self-awareness and self-analysis is represented in the author’s literary works (“Literary female’s sadness and joy”, Dzvinka”, “The Ukrainian Reconquista”). Anti-novel “The Ukrainian Reconquista” appeared in 2003 as the literary representation of poetic friendship of Nyla Zborowska and Yurko Gudz as the famous Ukrainian writer. “The Ukrainian Reconquista” text is understood as liberation from enslavement of women and acquires the contextual meaning of liberation from the existential enslavement of the Ukrainians in general. The revival of the Ukrainian consciousness through understanding of the own literary self and therefore the national self is the main content of the name. That’s why the writer in her literary works refers to the personal experience and autobiography as a form of the literary expression.Purpose is to study specific literary reflection of the female self-awareness and literary psychology in the novel “The Ukrainian Reconquista” by Nyla Zborowska.Methods :psychoanalytical (for the studying of psychosemantic of the novel images for the revealing of author’s reflection specific), hermeneutic (in the analysis of the semantic levels of the literary work).Results:1) Nyla Zborowska’s novel represents female existence through the prism of the author's reflections and psychosemantic of the national unconscious. Such self-awareness models the release process of national self from the colonial past. “The Ukrainian Reconquista” is interpreted as a new way of national revival the essence of which lies in deep self-awareness that is, in the author's concept, with "magic of the texts". Nyla Zborowska’s main task is to “increase voices” in the Ukrainian literature. So, with this text the author tries to "order", pave the way to the true novel in the Ukrainian literature. That is such autobiographical text should intensify collective unconscious of the creative Ukrainians. So, the author as if describes her own life in her literary works and “writes-orders” a new powerful Ukrainian text reading symptomatically this text.2) The author masks the national collective pain and unique formation of the nation through her own autobiographical experiences. Such “lyrical museum of the memories” using fragmentally by Nyla Zborowska enables the reader to plunge into the childhood of the protagonist, her adolescence and youth and to verify the history of the outstanding reflecting personality’s formation. In the analyzed self-reflective novel woman artist presents both the object and the subject of narration demonstrated the conception of the self-reflective literary work. Significantly, the author of the proposed text reflexing character’s fate is, in fact, the character of another, extra Text. Therefore, a hypertext as multidimensional nonlinear literary work appears. Its fabric is filled with different text elements, psychoanalytical digressions, comments and acts of the profound self-reflection. Modern female prose creates a specific "concept of memory" as the "tank", "lyrical museum" where events and facts of different distance in time are simultaneously. So, the writer "brings to the surface" deep, almost archetypical layers of heroines’ consciousness where mythological, folklore and historical images are coded.3) The novel engages with centralism of the novelistic construction, character’s stream of consciousness and diary form which is individual’s conscious "return" to her own mind. Impressionistic portrait description, cultural associative character parallels, nervous and concise style and author’s aphorisms as the aspects of author’s reflection deepen novel implication in the heroine’s mouth. It should be noted that for the disclosure of erudition and education as an important trait of the female personality time-space of the associating retrospection plays an important role in the novel. So, heroine’s speech of such feminine prose is imaginative, vivid and meaningful; sensitivity to the subtle verbal nuances and ability to speak logically and convincingly demonstrate intellectualism, high inner (spiritual) culture which are essential features of female individual who through her own self-awareness and self-improvement aims to provoke the same processes in the Ukrainian consciousness.4) Novel “The Ukrainian Reconquista” can be seen as the deployment of the different problems such as problems of the artist, love, friendship, being, true values, existential motives, female being, problems of the art and spiritual evolution. Analysis of the novel by Nyla Zborowska enables to determine such traits of the female artist type as total reflection, self-awareness, duality between the romantic aspirations and commonplace, spiritual disharmony. Autobiographical deals with the conscious principle of formation of the character’s complex inner world that should influence on the collective unconscious and cause geniture of the true epic form in the Ukrainian literature. The author continues to comprehend this idea in her own research reception (“Code of the Ukrainian literature”) reflecting the increasing aristocratic femininity that form a true national literature.Originality. Complex study of the features of author’s reflection and individual psychobiography as the model of the female artist’s literary self-awareness in the novel by Nyla Zborowska as the Ukrainian writer and literary researcher is first realized.Conclusion. The research enables to affirm that the Ukrainian literature on the material of Nyla Zborowska’s prose makes real spiritual and aesthetical female being in the literary works of the contemporary writers and represents psychologization and aristocratic discourse of the modern literary process. The study confirms the possibility and perspective of studying of individual psychobiography variations with different conceptions of author’s self in the modern text. 


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