The formation of the historiographical competence of students-philologists in the process of professional training (for example, poem by J.R.Kipling' “If...”)

T. Skrypnyk


The article discusses the historiography of a famous poem by J.R.Kipling's “If...”. First, the reasons that were the basis for the erroneous interpretation of the content of the work and the definition of a hero image as a lyrical character or a conditional “son”. Secondly, the article presents examples of the development of the literary criticism in the ХІХ century, illustrated by the example of cultural-historical, psychological and linguistic schools, psychological directions and biographical research methods, contained the names of the main representatives, their works, the theoretical principles that became the basis for our study. The main part devoted to the consideration of possible predictor the creation of the poem. Made a new version of the history of its creation, specifically mentioned some important points of biographies of Kipling and his friend L.S Jameson as the addressee of the author - speaker. In the last part provides examples of reviews in the literary and artistic life of Europe of the XXcent. at the famous Kipling’s poem, namely: -provides information about the most famous translations of works by Ukrainian and Russian translators are listed on the features of the selected names, examples of the peculiarities of reproduction of the main idea and the author's vocabulary in translations; -examples of appeal to the works of the famous Kipling’s filmmakers; -analyzed the work of V. Stus “Letter to my son”, as a free translation, and a poem by V.Symonenko “Swans of motherhood”, in tune with the Kipling’s poem on the topic.


historiographical competenc; high-principled and theoretical school of research; social-political events; adresse of allocution; semantic synonym


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