The symbolization of human destructiveness in the story by Todos Osmachka „The plan to the court”

O. Miroshnyk


The story by Todos Osmachka „The plan to the court” is analyzed in the article; in particular the specificity of the human destructiveness’s symbolization in the work is investigated. The author shows the great picture of the Russian- Bolshevik seizure of Ukrainian world. The projection of the demonic powers over the people is built on the base of the historic Bolshevism. The historic and social of creations by T. Osmachka is symbolized, because the story recalls the terrible fairytale. The heroes’ histories by T. Osmachka are marked of the fear’s persecution. For example, the history of Ivan Neradko, his image is autobiographical projection in the story. The crisis state of hero’s mind makes impossible the demonstration of the vital instinct of self-preservation, the depression states provide the negative mental evolution. The negative situation forms chronically the mutiny’s psychology in its ambivalent expression. The formation of constructive and destructive mutiny is a psychological plot to the story„The plan to the court”. The dominant in heroes’ outlook is the fear of persecution, the feeling doomed sacrifice. The images of women are showed this position the best. The total action in image by T. Osmachka’s story is criminal. The violence becomes as a penetrating metaphor on refer to the time of formation of Ukrainian world Bolshevism. The triumph of evil is the triumph of the destructive instinct there. The psychological imagery evidences of total unconsciousness, it fills the world. The conscious characters oppose to the instinctive destructiveness, they have the „ truth’s instinct”. The national liberation struggle signs of struggle become light with darkness. The nation creation of life resists, aged and awakening against social degradation.


fear; image; motive; view; time space; symbolization; destructiveness; artistic projection; mythology; demonization; mental state; ambivalence


Os'machka T. Plan do dvoru // Os'machka T. Starshyy boyaryn; Plan do dvoru: [romany] / Todos' Os'machka. – K.: Ukr. pys'mennyk, 1998. – S. 100 – 235.

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